Who We Are

We have several areas where our residents' can relax and socialize.  which include two recreational rooms, one large courtyard with trees and picnic tables.  As well as a shaded smoking area with benches.  we are also a few blocks from a beautiful lake.  

Nelly McNulty, RN, Owner and Administrator of Alcove Assisted Living Facility, Inc.  has been a registered nurse for over 45 years.  

Relax ~ Enjoy ~ Unwind

Our Mission

We are a licensed Assisted Living Facility (ALF) and we have been in business since 1973.  Unlike most ALF's, our facility is owned and operated by a registered nurse who is trained to assist with all medical needs!

We are licensed for Limited Mental Health (LMH) and Limited Nursing Services (LNS).  

Nelly is a passionate and motivated RN, she is bilingual and fluent in other languages.  She graduated Nursing School with a Master's Degree.  She has owned and operated Alcove Assisted Living Facility for over 40 years.  She is very involved when it comes to caring for her residents', she enjoys engaging in one on one time with her residents' to get to know them and to be able to provide the best care needed for them.  When Nelly has the time off she enjoys dancing, yoga, and spending time with her lovely puppy Bella.  

Is to provide you or your family member with personalized care and support at a time when you or they need it.  Here at the Alcove we promote and encourage our residents to maintain their autonomy!  We would like for you to consider Alcove as a stepping stone towards a more independent life.  

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